Remainder marks and book condition.

Most bargain books are in new perfect condition. However, some may have remainder marks or bumps and bruises. Such conditions will be included in the book description. Most bargain books have no damage or remainder marks.

Remainder marks:
A remainder mark appears as a small black or red marker dot or streak on the outside edge of a book. Others appear as a publishers stamp on the outside edge of the book. Publishers use these markings to mark books as unsold (remainder) or returned from vendors. The remainder mark does not affect a books readability or appearance.

Bumps and bruises:
All bargain books are new unread books. Some have very minor damage to the cover or pages from storage or shipping. This damage may be due to rubbing (abrasion), bending, or wearing may appear as shelf wear. In all cases, the damage does not affect the readability of the book. The damage is usually only slightly noticeable.