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Sing and Play Lap Mat Kits by Susan Kenney

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Sing and Play Lap Mat Kits by Susan Kenney



Sing 'n Play LapMats were designed to encourage children to sing songs, to solve problems, to practice pre-reading skills and to provide suggestions for parents and teachers who wish to bring music to children.

This packet contains 27 Sing and Play LapMat Kits (#1-26, #28). They require preparation by an adult before sharing them with children. Many have manipulatives that need to be cut out. After the LapMats are ready, consider laminating them to help them last longer. Twenty-two of the LapMats need envelopes which you will need to obtain and glue onto the LapMats to hold small pieces.

This set contains the following songs:
1. A Hunting We Will Go
2. Fly Away Little Airplane
3. Erica [Mary] Wore a Red Dress
4. Angel Band
5. Fly Away Little Bluebird
6. Go In and Out the Window
7. Button and Key
8. Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes
9. Oats and Bans and Barley
10. Silly Song
11. Touch Your Nose
12. Hey Hey Look at Me
13. Are You Sleeping
14. Old Joe Clark 
15. Teddy Bear
16. Doggie, Doggie
17. Bluebird, Bluebird
18. Jingle at the Window
19. I Wonder Where The Monkey's Gone
20. Cherries so Ripe and So Round
21. Scotland's Burning
22. Who's That Tapping
23. Skin and Bones
24. Here is a Beehive
25. The Pumpkin in the Dark
26. Five Little Pumpkins
28. Sally Go Round the Sun (currently there is no #27).

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