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The Coming Of Christ By Brad Brase

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The Coming Of Christ By Brad Brase



Church leaders have testified that the Book of Mormon was written for our day, and many of the themes and events it describes directly correlate with issues that the Saints face today as the Second Coming of Christ approaches. This book takes a detailed at the parallels between the years leading up to Christ's first appearance to the Nephites and Lamanites and the conditions of our own day, including themes such as: contentions, dissensions, and internal strife increasing among the people; disparity in wealth and riches leading to class distinctions; the just laws of the land being altered by those seeking power; Latter-day Gadianton robbers increasing their influence over society; the people growing in iniquity, rebellion, hardened hearts, and unbelief.


A thought-provoking mix of religion, politics, and current events, this study includes teachings of the latter-day prophets of God and the founding fathers of our nation, as well as timely discussions and constitutional principles, personal rights and freedoms, recent political controversies, societal developments, moral issues, and economic policies, all supported by numerous faith-promoting personal stories and modern-day parables that teach eternal principles. Strengthen your testimony and deepen your understanding of the coming days with this insightful discussion of the signs and conditions of the times.

Soft cover.

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