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From Whence Cometh Man by David A. Richins

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From Whence Cometh Man by David A. Richins



 “To believe or not to believe?” It’s a question many of us face in our challenging world. But we are not left alone. This inspirational book outlines a systematic process to follow that will enable us to know there is a God—not merely believe, but actually know; and how to maintain that sacred knowledge during a personal trial of faith. 

Misconceptions about science and religion have challenged people’s faith since time immemorial. In reality, however, science and religion are more in harmony now than ever before. Scientific discoveries in just the past one hundred years, which are carefully described in the book, were actually foretold in the scriptures. 

Scientific theories such as the Big Bang, evolution, prehistoric man, and prehistoric life can create conflict and doubt in our minds. These theories, along with the creation of the universe, creation of the solar system, creation of the earth, and the creation of life are discussed in turn. The author analyzes the theories in detail and explains why the events described by the theories could not have happened without the involvement of God.

The book opens with the age-old debate about time discrepancy concerning the age of the earth. Using scriptures, the author explains how the earth could be as old as modern scientists claim. This idea reconciles truths found in the scriptures with what we have learned about prehistoric life, prehistoric man, and Adam and Eve. Yes, the words of the prophets and the brightest minds of today’s scientific community can all be compatible.

“Yea, and all things denote there is a God”

Soft Cover.

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