6Receiver's Name:BYU Store7 Mailing Address:Fax # 801-422-00848City, State: ;9Zip: ; ; ; ; ; ; ;Click check in line 1010√;I give permission to the BYU Independent Study office to release my current course information (name, credit hours, expiration and enrollment dates) to the receiver stated above. The proof of enrollment form will not be processed without this permission


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Refund Policy You have 4 weeks to receive a full refund (minus shipping &; handling) on your unused textbooks. Returned books must be postmarked within 4 weeks of the date you received them. Return postage is at your expense. Your receipt or a copy of it must accompany all returns. Also include a letter indicating the name of the student and the reason you are returning your books. Books used to complete your course within the 2 weeks will be eligible for buyback, not a refund.Buyback The BYU Store offers a buyback program on most texts. The buyback rate is 50% of the current new price of the book. Texts must be in good condition (no pages falling out, etc.) and the correct edition for your course. Any books that we deem in poor condition will not be bought back and will be returned to you When you complete a course, please call our office and we will let you know if we can buy your books back. Do not send or bring them in until after you have obtained permission. We do not buy back any workbooks, CDs, prints, video/audio cassettes, or lab manuals.

When ordering books, please follow these guidelines:By Phone:Please have all information available (parts A, B, and C of order form) and call 1-888-454-6884 or (801) 422-6791 (Utah County.By Fax:Please complete entire order form (parts A, B, and C) and fax to 801-422-0070.By emailbkst_ind@byu.edu Please include all information available (parts A, B, and C) from the order form.By Mail:Complete order form, print it out, and mail w/payment to:BYU Store Text Department, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT 84602

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